Derek’s First Contract

I have a project that I am starting on in the immediate future.  It will be called The Ultimate Selling Tool Kit.  It will have everything one needs to sell a house themselves without the help of a Realtor.  With this kit, they will be educated on every aspect of a real estate transaction and feel confident in the sale of their house.

In order to get this project underway, I will need some help getting the research together that is needed for the content of the Kit. After speaking with Derek about it, he agreed to undertake the project and help out.   I felt like I had better have him sign a contract agreeing to hte terms of my proposal, since he has selective memory at times.  So I prepared a short simple little contract and presented it to him.  Here is what is said:

Partnership and Contract for Research on Project



This agreement is between Derek Caywood and Empire Management, Inc. 

Derek will perform the following duties for Empire Management, Inc.: 

ü     Research all subjects as assigned by Empire Management for the purpose of Assembling the Project ‘THE ULTIMATE SELLING TOOL KIT” 

           ü     Research will be thoroughly researched with care and diligence, and assignment will be turned in in a timely manner as requested by Empire Management, Inc. 

ü     Both parties agree that Derek will be paid compensation in the amount equal to Ten percent (10%) of GROSS Revenue from the completed Product for the FIRST TEN ORDERS.  Derek will be paid within 30 days of receipt of each order. 

ü     In the event Derek does not perform the research necessary or does not use care and diligence when performing research, any research completed at the point of dissolution, any work done will become the property of Empire Management and Empire has the right to refuse payment to Derek upon the completion and/or sale of the finished product. 




All parties have read and agree to the terms and conditions as described above. 

X______________________________________________ Date _________________ 


X______________________________________________ Date _________________

Derek signed it, and I now have his first ever Bona-Fide Business Agreement in writing filed away in a manilla file folder.  I may have to refer back to this agreement for reference purposes.  I don’t know.  In the next few days, i will be putting togehter his assignment and emaling it to him.  My guess is that the product will Retail for about $999.00.

So he’ll potentially earn close to a thousand bucks for helping me out.  Not bad for 13!!


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