What’s up with Mallory?

I thought it would be cool to make journal entries..or actually I will call them “diary” entries for the sake of keeping my readers interested.  Everyone would mush rather read someone else’s personal diary than anything else.  So once we get past the overview of our lives as parents and catching you up on who this whole Blog is about, I will simply be making diary entries for you to read.  I will make the entries each day that I feel something monumental (whether big or small) happened in our lives or the lives of our children to indicate the heading of success in the Entrepreneurial world.  You will begin to see (as I already do) our teachings of our children materialize and become reality.  It’s  really cool to hear them say things that you know no other child within a 100 mile radius is thinking or doing…

 Now to catch you up a bit on Mallory.  mallory just turned 7 years old.  She is a cute little girl with loads of personality.  She’s shy at first and at the same time has no problem walking right over to a stranger and asking them if she can have that sucker that is in his mouth.  She has ears the size of Dumbo (not literally, but for the sense of hearing’s sake).  Her memory is pretty sharp, too.  She remembers everything she’s supposed to and everything she’s not.  She even remembers things for Derek (he C.R.S.)….

We haven’t started her on the road to reading educational or motivational books just yet.  Right now everything she learns is through what she hears and sees from us.  And bot, she catches on REAL quick.

Just the other day, July 13, 2006 as a matter of fact, she had spent two previous nights with her friend Brooklynn.  She had the best time swimming, making sno-cones, and giggling with her girl friend.We picked her up at around 10 a.m. from Brooklynn’s.  We were heading from there directly to Donna macNeil’s house to drop off some advertising flyers.  Donna MacNeil and her husband John are the creators of The “Original” Yellow Letter and on June 13, 2006 we entered into a Joint Venture Agreement to do business with them in regards to Their product.  We have a service that compliments their product. 

Anyway, we weren’t even out of the subdivision when Mallory reached into her backpack that she had used to take her overnight clothes, toys and toothbrush, and pulled out a flyer that she had taken from a flyer box.  The house was next door to Brooklynn’s and was vacant.  Mallory explained that the house was vacant (she knows this is criteria that we use to determine the motivation of a seller when negotiating)…She then told us to call the lady and see if we could buy the house.

Mallory, Mallory….I love when things like that click.  And she doesn’t even realize that the REAL reason she felt compelled to reach in that flyer box and pull out a flyer is from seeing her parents pull over at least 20 times a week and have her get a flyer out of the flyer box.  We stay very in tune with the market (wherever we are)..and what better and easier way than to pull over for a brief moment and pull out a flyer??? 

Little did she know that she was resarching the neighborhood that her best friend lived in, and preparing to make the seller an intelligent offer and create a win-win solution…..O.k.  Well, maybe that’s asking a little too much of a 7 year old girl  Or is it?  You think I should start teaching her some Power Negotiating Skills?  She might be using them sooner than I think.


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