Derek turns 13

Sunday morning, the day of Derek’s BIG 13th Birthday.  Today our son is officially a teenager.  Wow! It doesn;t seem possible that he is already a teen!!  He hasn’t hit puberty yet and isn’t interested in girls (thank God).  Right now he’s all about fishing…He got a new 12 foot Ugly Stick (thats a fishing rod) and a Okuma Fishing Reel as a gift from us.  These are items that he shopped for himself on  His shopping cart actually had about $400 worth of fishing items in it, but we weeded through the stuff until we got down to a reasonalbe birthday gift.  He’s been going to the jacksonville Beach pier alot lately.  Him and his buddy Eric go down there and stay for 12 to 14 hours trying to catch a “big one”.  So far his best catch (of his LIFE he proclaims) if a Manaray that he hooked about 2 weeks ago.  Derek says it gave him the best fight of his life.  He was excited that night when I picked him about.  He tried to get a photo of it, but the guys that run the pier didnt bring the camera that day.  So unfortunately,we were not there to witness it first hand, but we can tell that it was one good day for him.  That’s all he talked about for at lest 48 hours.  So he’ll be happy to head down ot the pier and try out his new rig up.  his goal right now to is to be a kingifsh Tournament Champion.  His mind is set on it, and as long as he believes in himself he can achieve that goal very easily.  He has all the ingredients needed to become a WINNER.  That would be awesome for Derek to be the winner of The Annual Kingfish Tournament at age 13.  We’ll root him on indeed.

 One other gift Derek got was a Blackberry 7290 cell phone.  At this moment, he does not have internet access on the Blackberry, but he does have the ability to sen and receive calls as well as text messages.  We thought about getting him a different phone, you know, like a regular old cell phone…but Dan argued (and won without a fight) the fact that Derek needs to get used to using a Blackberry.  They are pretty standard in the business…whichever business that may be….EVERYONE should have a Blackberry.  The email delivery is reliable.  The graphics get better with every update..The speakerphone is awesome.  I love mine.  I think everyone should have and use a Blackberry.  So Derek now has a Blackberry that he can manuever around and get used to the functionality of the click wheel and the menu items.  Maybe in a year or so we will add the Blackberry Enterprise server…….

He took it in his room and went right to the Brick Breaker game…


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