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Derek’s First Contract

July 21, 2006

I have a project that I am starting on in the immediate future.  It will be called The Ultimate Selling Tool Kit.  It will have everything one needs to sell a house themselves without the help of a Realtor.  With this kit, they will be educated on every aspect of a real estate transaction and feel confident in the sale of their house.

In order to get this project underway, I will need some help getting the research together that is needed for the content of the Kit. After speaking with Derek about it, he agreed to undertake the project and help out.   I felt like I had better have him sign a contract agreeing to hte terms of my proposal, since he has selective memory at times.  So I prepared a short simple little contract and presented it to him.  Here is what is said:

Partnership and Contract for Research on Project



This agreement is between Derek Caywood and Empire Management, Inc. 

Derek will perform the following duties for Empire Management, Inc.: 

ü     Research all subjects as assigned by Empire Management for the purpose of Assembling the Project ‘THE ULTIMATE SELLING TOOL KIT” 

           ü     Research will be thoroughly researched with care and diligence, and assignment will be turned in in a timely manner as requested by Empire Management, Inc. 

ü     Both parties agree that Derek will be paid compensation in the amount equal to Ten percent (10%) of GROSS Revenue from the completed Product for the FIRST TEN ORDERS.  Derek will be paid within 30 days of receipt of each order. 

ü     In the event Derek does not perform the research necessary or does not use care and diligence when performing research, any research completed at the point of dissolution, any work done will become the property of Empire Management and Empire has the right to refuse payment to Derek upon the completion and/or sale of the finished product. 




All parties have read and agree to the terms and conditions as described above. 

X______________________________________________ Date _________________ 


X______________________________________________ Date _________________

Derek signed it, and I now have his first ever Bona-Fide Business Agreement in writing filed away in a manilla file folder.  I may have to refer back to this agreement for reference purposes.  I don’t know.  In the next few days, i will be putting togehter his assignment and emaling it to him.  My guess is that the product will Retail for about $999.00.

So he’ll potentially earn close to a thousand bucks for helping me out.  Not bad for 13!!


When they grow up they want to be…..

July 19, 2006

With Derek just turning into tennage hood, we advised him that he needed to start thinking about what he wanted to do with his life.  He said he already knew.  Well, “what is it?” we asked?  He said he was going to buy a car, buy a boat, move to The Florida Keys and start his own fishing charter business.  (“Good answer”, I thought.).  Mallory quickly stated “I’ll meet you there Derek..I want to go snorkeling every day!”

After a few giggles about that, Mallory said that she wanted to start her own business RIGHT NOW. (and she was serious).  She wanted to either walk dogs, mow lawns, or clean people’s bathrooms. 

I guess we need to work on helping her with some career choices.  She’s ready to begin right now!

What’s up with Mallory?

July 18, 2006

I thought it would be cool to make journal entries..or actually I will call them “diary” entries for the sake of keeping my readers interested.  Everyone would mush rather read someone else’s personal diary than anything else.  So once we get past the overview of our lives as parents and catching you up on who this whole Blog is about, I will simply be making diary entries for you to read.  I will make the entries each day that I feel something monumental (whether big or small) happened in our lives or the lives of our children to indicate the heading of success in the Entrepreneurial world.  You will begin to see (as I already do) our teachings of our children materialize and become reality.  It’s  really cool to hear them say things that you know no other child within a 100 mile radius is thinking or doing…

 Now to catch you up a bit on Mallory.  mallory just turned 7 years old.  She is a cute little girl with loads of personality.  She’s shy at first and at the same time has no problem walking right over to a stranger and asking them if she can have that sucker that is in his mouth.  She has ears the size of Dumbo (not literally, but for the sense of hearing’s sake).  Her memory is pretty sharp, too.  She remembers everything she’s supposed to and everything she’s not.  She even remembers things for Derek (he C.R.S.)….

We haven’t started her on the road to reading educational or motivational books just yet.  Right now everything she learns is through what she hears and sees from us.  And bot, she catches on REAL quick.

Just the other day, July 13, 2006 as a matter of fact, she had spent two previous nights with her friend Brooklynn.  She had the best time swimming, making sno-cones, and giggling with her girl friend.We picked her up at around 10 a.m. from Brooklynn’s.  We were heading from there directly to Donna macNeil’s house to drop off some advertising flyers.  Donna MacNeil and her husband John are the creators of The “Original” Yellow Letter and on June 13, 2006 we entered into a Joint Venture Agreement to do business with them in regards to Their product.  We have a service that compliments their product. 

Anyway, we weren’t even out of the subdivision when Mallory reached into her backpack that she had used to take her overnight clothes, toys and toothbrush, and pulled out a flyer that she had taken from a flyer box.  The house was next door to Brooklynn’s and was vacant.  Mallory explained that the house was vacant (she knows this is criteria that we use to determine the motivation of a seller when negotiating)…She then told us to call the lady and see if we could buy the house.

Mallory, Mallory….I love when things like that click.  And she doesn’t even realize that the REAL reason she felt compelled to reach in that flyer box and pull out a flyer is from seeing her parents pull over at least 20 times a week and have her get a flyer out of the flyer box.  We stay very in tune with the market (wherever we are)..and what better and easier way than to pull over for a brief moment and pull out a flyer??? 

Little did she know that she was resarching the neighborhood that her best friend lived in, and preparing to make the seller an intelligent offer and create a win-win solution…..O.k.  Well, maybe that’s asking a little too much of a 7 year old girl  Or is it?  You think I should start teaching her some Power Negotiating Skills?  She might be using them sooner than I think.

The last couple of years

July 18, 2006

Derek is the one that Dan and I have been “working on ” the most.  He is at an age now that he can understand oncepts of money, saving, working for yourself, and becoming independent.  We started emphasizing all of our beliefs intentionally about 3 years ago, when he was around 10 years ago.  Now kids do soak up everything they hear and se from their parents, so Mallory has a bit of an advantage over Derek since she has been in the house with us her entire life as Entrepreneurs.  She knows nothing else.  Derek, on the other hand has grown with us and watched the transformation from employees to employers.  We speak to him practically every day about doing what you love, and being self sufficient. 

Derek has been in public school his entire school life, with the exception of seventh grade.  The light came on when Dan read Rich Kid, Smart Kid, by Robert Kiyosaki, and had a totally eye opening experience.  He ranted and raved(not that it ook much) for us to agree to put Derek is private school.  I did not read that particular book, but I’m here to tell you…that is the only book I have seen anyone read and take SERIOUS immediate action. So if you are having a hard time deciding public school or provate school for your children, maybe you too, should pick up that book at any bok store and check it out.  Just from the little bit of explaining that Dan did for me was mind blowing.  The way public schools are so systemized and conforming.  They jsut don’t keep up with technology or the times.  And they teach you the old fashioned “get a good education so you can get a good job”.  That theory is out the window in our house.  We dont want anyone in ourhouse to get a good JOB.  That would be borderline self-sacrificing.  We want our kids to be millionaires!  And you can become a millionaire with a “good paying job”.   Well, maybe you can..but I’ve never seen one in my lifetime.

The schools (whether public or private) do encourage and sometimes require the kids to read each and every night these days as homeowrk assignments.  What a great opportunity to have your kids filling their heads with information that will be useful to them as adults.  Feed their subconsceince minds with data that is enriching and everlasting.  Reading is so wonderful for everyone. Especially young non-judgmental minds.  Their programming is not set on one way of thinking.  They are open and willing to listen to and receive just about anything (unless it’s “no, you can’t have 3 bags of candy).  So we, too, encourage Derek to read educational and informational books.

Here is a list of the Books that Derek has read so far:



HOW TO GET RICH, Donald Trump

We;re gonna keep him reading..The older he gets the more advanced his reading will become.  Every time he picks up a book to read for his manadatory 30 minutes a night, he’s programming himself for success!  Ahhh…..the joy of parenting!

Derek turns 13

July 16, 2006

Sunday morning, the day of Derek’s BIG 13th Birthday.  Today our son is officially a teenager.  Wow! It doesn;t seem possible that he is already a teen!!  He hasn’t hit puberty yet and isn’t interested in girls (thank God).  Right now he’s all about fishing…He got a new 12 foot Ugly Stick (thats a fishing rod) and a Okuma Fishing Reel as a gift from us.  These are items that he shopped for himself on  His shopping cart actually had about $400 worth of fishing items in it, but we weeded through the stuff until we got down to a reasonalbe birthday gift.  He’s been going to the jacksonville Beach pier alot lately.  Him and his buddy Eric go down there and stay for 12 to 14 hours trying to catch a “big one”.  So far his best catch (of his LIFE he proclaims) if a Manaray that he hooked about 2 weeks ago.  Derek says it gave him the best fight of his life.  He was excited that night when I picked him about.  He tried to get a photo of it, but the guys that run the pier didnt bring the camera that day.  So unfortunately,we were not there to witness it first hand, but we can tell that it was one good day for him.  That’s all he talked about for at lest 48 hours.  So he’ll be happy to head down ot the pier and try out his new rig up.  his goal right now to is to be a kingifsh Tournament Champion.  His mind is set on it, and as long as he believes in himself he can achieve that goal very easily.  He has all the ingredients needed to become a WINNER.  That would be awesome for Derek to be the winner of The Annual Kingfish Tournament at age 13.  We’ll root him on indeed.

 One other gift Derek got was a Blackberry 7290 cell phone.  At this moment, he does not have internet access on the Blackberry, but he does have the ability to sen and receive calls as well as text messages.  We thought about getting him a different phone, you know, like a regular old cell phone…but Dan argued (and won without a fight) the fact that Derek needs to get used to using a Blackberry.  They are pretty standard in the business…whichever business that may be….EVERYONE should have a Blackberry.  The email delivery is reliable.  The graphics get better with every update..The speakerphone is awesome.  I love mine.  I think everyone should have and use a Blackberry.  So Derek now has a Blackberry that he can manuever around and get used to the functionality of the click wheel and the menu items.  Maybe in a year or so we will add the Blackberry Enterprise server…….

He took it in his room and went right to the Brick Breaker game…

Houses for Sale

July 14, 2006

Today we loaded the kids up in the truck.  Bring your ipods and Laptop, kids, we’re going for a ride. 

We had 25 directional signs to put out to advertise the houses that we currently have for sale.  Although Mallory was just a passenger during this trip, Derek actually placed all of the road side signs today….Thanks, Derek!

College Fund

July 14, 2006

Dan’s mother sent an IM stating that she has college fund for each of our kids…

Each account has a balance of about $1500.00

Hmmmmm…do Entrepreneurs need college funds?  I can’t answer that. Neither Dan or I went to college and we are both successful. As a matter of fact, if I had gone to cllege I may have felt obligated to enter a field that I chose to study in college.  I dont think they teach Information Marketing or Real Estate Consulting and Investing in College. 

Maybe they can buy cars or something with those funds….

Becoming Entrepreneurs…The Whole Family

July 2, 2006

I am always thinking of something to do that is totally out of the box.  The ideas constantly fill my Head from dusk until dawn, sometimes to the point of insanity.  If there was a way for me to get all of my thoughts out onto paper, I would have to buy stock in Hammermill.

Anyways, I am a 33 year old married lady.  I have been married to my husband, Dan, for 8 years.  Dan is a wonderful guy.  He is a story book husband (I know it’s sickening, but it’s true).  He has to be the kindest and most loyal man on the planet.  I am truly luck to have him as my partner.  We are partners in our personal life, our business life, and thankfully, in our married life as well. 

We have two children together.  Derek, who is about to turn 13 in July, and Mallory who just turned 7.   In my opinion, these kids are growing up in a household that is probably different than any household you have ever been in.  And I’m serious about that.  We are truly in our own world when we are together in our home, out to dinner, in the vehicle, traveling, or whatever we are doing. There is such a thing as a close knit family.  You know, the kind you see on T.V.  Well, that’s not us, really.  We’re kinda like The Griswalds but a whole lot smarter with more ambition!

In 1998, Dan and I decided that we were not going to work a 9 to 5 job any longer!  We mututally decided that the rigamorole of being an employee had just about come to an end in both of our minds.  What we didn;t realize is that we both had Entrepreneurial monds that had not been developed.  We were a “virgin” state of mind, and are thinking now that it must hit people at a cerrtain age.  We were both about 26 years old…..and ready for a change. A change that would not only affect our lives, but the lives of both of our children.

At this point in our life, Derek was only 6 years old, and Mallory just an infant. Children are sponges at every age, so we were programming them already to think and believe a certain way for the rest of their life.  By being employees and making someone else rich, that was NOT the message we wanted being delivered to ourselves, much less our kids!

 So, what did we do?  We did what every one in the world (probably) has attempted to do.  We were going to WORK AT HOME!  WOw! Can you imagine that?  Being able to be at home with your children, still be able to work and pay the bills, and not have to answer to a BOSS??  That sounds like a great life, doesn’t it?  I’m here to tell you that it sounds nice, but it doesn’t work like that.  Yes, there are programs that allow you to work at home.  You work your fingers to the bone for peanuts.  You get frustrated easily and end up going to the beach without getting the job done. 

We tried everything!!  We built earrings at home, we stuffed envelopes, we thought about vending machine routes…all turned up a big ZERO. 

It wasn’t until 1999 we discovered the beautiful world and business of real estate.  We say an infomercial on late night T.V. of some guy that would tell us how to buy houses with no money down and make thousands of dollars.  Wow! This sounded like something that was right up our alley!  Thousands of dollars and we don;t need any money to do it?  that was good, because we didn’t have any.  We contemplated over buying the course for months, wondering where we were going to get $199 to buy the cassette tape and workbook course offered on the T.V.  It was challenging.  We asked our family members, but we only got laughed at..They said it was a “gimmick” and that we shouldn’t waste our money.  We stayed persistent, and finally asked for the course as a Christmas present from Kathy, my mother in-law.  She lives in upstate NY in a one horse town.  She obliged, ordered the course for us as a Christmas present, and had it delivered to our front door.

 When the package arrived, we both tore into the box and ripped open the material. Dan took the book and I took the tapes, and we got right to it that same day.  We read the book cover to cover, and listed to the tapes 3 or 4 times.  It was very confusing to listen to all of this terminology that we knew nothing about.  Also frustrating at times, since we were totally green and had no knowledge of any real estate topics whatsoever!

 To make a very long story about how we became successful, we never stopped pursuing our dreams.  We had found the business that was a PERFECT match!  Insane as it may sound, we both love and have a passion for real estate and the business surrounding real estate on a level that is very profound and sincere.  We have struggled through times of being frustrated, times of almost torturous financial problems, times of chaos and desperation.  One thing we have never done, however, is give up on what we both believe in.  And that is to become financially and mentally free, you must be an entrepreneur.  You have to sit on the side of the table that controls the employees.  You should ALWAYS be the one in charge of your life, you finances, your destiny.  The achieve what you believe is to be persistent, persevere, and never look back.  You will reach your goals if you stay focused on them and do what it takes to make it happen.  There is no difference between the successful and the unsuccessful other than what they are taught to believe.  And that all starts with the parenting………

This Blog is going to take you through the lives of Derek and Mallory.  Two siblings who are being raised in a household with a very firm belief in achieving what you believe and making the best life for yourself that you possibly can.   

We are raising them both to believe

  • You should never work for anyone other than yourself
  • You can achieve anything as long as you believe in yourself
  • Being average is not acceptable
  • You must be an excellent money manager if you plan on being rich
  • You should do what you are passionate about
  • Not to let what other people think get in the way of your success
  • Stay true to who you are, and people will love you
  • Money is necessary in life, so let’s love it and what it can do for us

I’m going to tell you everything that we do and say to our kids to reinforce an Entrepreneur way of thinking. You have to remember that I have no idea how my kids are going to turn out or what they will be when they grow up.  What I do know, is that if I have anything to do with it, or if Dan and I together can program them to be financially free at a very young age and not have to deal with the pressures of the working world, then we will do everything in our power to make that happen for them.

Since Derek is 12 and Mallory is only 7, I anticipate that this will take about 15 to 20 years before the end of the story is complete.  I plan on keeping this journal until I feel like both of my children have decided on a future for themselves and they are set in their adulthood.  If it happens at a certain age like it did with me and Dan, it’ll be when they are 25 years old (or somewhere around there). 

Hey…who knows what will happen…but for those of you who want to help your kids become Entrepreneurs, I will be an example of what or what not to do to help them get there!